We all can agree that America's tax code is broken. That is why Congress's two tax-writing committees have been working to make the tax code fairer for families and spark a more prosperous economy.

This website, TaxReform.gov, is here to give you the opportunity to provide your input about how Congress can make the tax code simpler and fairer so that it works for you and so we have a stronger economy with greater growth, more jobs and bigger paychecks.  No need to travel to Washington, Americans have the opportunity to participate directly.

It is time to write bills in an open and transparent fashion. No cutting deals behind closed doors.  You get a say, employers get a say, and your elected officials—your representatives and senators—will get a say.

Now, there are skeptics who question the prospects bicameral action on tax reform, and it faces some fierce headwinds.  That kind of pessimism threatens to turn tax reform into a political weapon, which could end up killing any chance of success.

America cannot let that happen.  Tax reform cannot be about politics. It has to be about restoring some trust in government, improving the lives of the people Congress serves, boosting the economy and about creating jobs across the country.